What are compression pants?

 What are compression pants? What do compression leggings do? This blog post tells you all about compression pants.

Let’s take it down to the basics: what are compression pants for?

If you’re just starting your fitness journey, you might not be using compression gear yet. Even if you’re a seasoned athlete, you still might not be using compression gear! But now, you might be experiencing some aches and pains for the first time during physical activity. Maybe you’ve heard your gym buddies, teammates, or running group talk about how compression gear has improved their performance and you’re curious to try some out. If so, you’ve come to the right place!

What do compression pants do?

Compression garments were originally designed for people with medical conditions that affect their blood circulation like Chronic Venous Disorder (CVD). They were first used to treat varicose veins (a symptom of CVD) and since have been used as a treatment for a wide variety of medical issues. Compression gear is most commonly used to help heal scars, aid muscle recovery, and support a joint after an injury.

Most often, compression gear is targeted to the lower body. Compression pants provide either uniform compression over the entire lower body or targeted compression on hips, knees, or ankles. Since they need to be form-fitting in order to do their job, compression pants are also often called compression tights or compression leggings.

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What are the benefits of compression pants?

Compression gear has been adopted by athletes because of its medical uses. Improved circulation and blood oxygen levels reduce swelling and inflammation, which in turn improves muscle soreness post-exercise. Pressure on muscles and joints has also been shown to increase proprioception during exercise, which is the body’s sense of awareness of its positioning. To put it simply, increased proprioception means an athlete is less likely to make a step, land a jump, or dodge something in a way that is out of alignment with their body, which reduces the chances of injury.

The benefits of compression pants have been frequently studied and debated in the last few decades. Some researchers believe that the effects of compression gear are largely psychological, but a recent study (2022) shows that the benefits of compression garments are not placebo. The bottom line, however, is that there are no adverse effects to compression wear. You aren’t going to hurt yourself or slow your recovery. By wearing compression athletic gear, you are only ever doing something that will take care of your body — and that is always a good thing!

What do compression leggings do for knee pain and knee injuries?

Knees are one of the most commonly injured joints, likely because they are the largest joint in the body and weight-bearing. Knees are also the joint most affected by osteoarthritis, a hugely prevalent disease affecting about 528 million people worldwide.

You don’t have to be an athlete to experience knee pain. There are a number of factors that can cause a person to develop knee pain, including repeated stress or injury that doesn't necessarily need to occur during sport, pre-existing diseases, joint or otherwise (like diabetes), genetic predisposition, and age.

If you’re experiencing knee pain, compression pants can help you find relief and also help prevent re-injury. If you’re only starting to experience pain, you can also prevent future injuries by wearing compression apparel during movement. It’s never too early or too late to support your body, and you will be thankful that you did!

What makes Bracelayer® compression pants different from other compression pants?

Bracelayer® compression pants are different from other compression pants by bigger names like Nike, Under Armour, or 2XU because they have built-in knee support in addition to regular compression. Bracelayer® pants are designed to combat knee pain, provide joint stability, and aid in recovery.

If you already have a custom knee brace, but would like a little extra support (or perhaps notice that your brace is often sliding down), Bracelayer® pants are perfect for you. Our pants were designed by someone who has dealt with decades of knee pain, the struggles of using a custom knee brace, and the lack of mobility that comes with knee injuries. Bracelayer® compression pants are designed to help you stay active longer.

Whether you need to relieve knee pain or prevent it from occurring, you can trust the combination of compression and built-in knee support that Bracelayer® has created for you. Our pants feature targeted support around the knees and hips, provided by our unique TriTech Support Layer.

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But don’t just trust our word on it. Trust the word of people whose lives have been changed by Bracelayer’s compression pants. Or try them out for yourself!

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