Women's KX Collection

The women’s KX collection of knee brace compression pants will keep you feeling supported during any activity:

KX1: A versatile knee compression pant ideal for the gym, outdoor adventures, or as a dependable base layer. Features a 1.5 mm knee support layer.

KX2: The original knee-stabilizing compression pants, featuring a 2 mm compression knee brace layer for maximum protection, stability, and balance.

KXV: Our lightest and thinnest compression knee brace pant is ideal for a wide range of activities.

KX2 Alpine: Merging KX2 stability with a StabiLuxe™ Thermal compression fabric base for warmth and support.

KXV Alpine: Elevate your skiing with the KXV Alpine boot cut thermal base layer, offering the perfect combination of thermal insulation and support.

KXV Greenline: Designed for cyclists, this design incorporates knee support and a chamois seat pad for comfortable and supportive riding.