Built for Active & Recovering Knees

Knee Pain Getting You Down?

Bracelayer® Apparel Ltd. specializes in functional compression pants for improved knee support and stability.

Our tights are built on an anti-bacterial Stabiluxe™ Compression base and feature built-in compression knee sleeves to combat joint instability, relieve knee pain, and prevent injury. 

If you play high impact sports, are recovering from injury or just want a little extra support and protection, then look no further - Bracelayer was built for you!

You Asked. We Listened.

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Ski Longer & Ski Stronger with Bracelayer Alpine Compression Gear

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Improve balance and stability.
Bracelayer Leg Press Love Your Knees

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Reduce joint pain.


"I Use This Product To Work In (And Some Play) As A Ski Patrol In The Rockies. I Have Used Other Competing Products And Stumbled Onto Bracelayer By Accident. In My Opinion... Nothing Comes Close Especially When I Strap In On The Hill For 8 Or 9 Hrs With Little Down Time. The Support, Warmth, And Comfort Of This Product Are In One Word 'fantastic' - Enough Said"

Jim H. - Canadian Ski Patrol

"I Love My Bracelayer Pants. I Fell In Love With These Functional Pants Because Of The Extra Support And Insulation Around My Knees And It Bands. They Allow Me To Do High Impact Workouts And Teach Classes All Day Without Worrying About My Chondromalacia Patella (Runners Knee) Acting Up"

Silvia R. - Fitness Instructor

"After Having Tried On And Used The Bracelayer Compression Tights, I Can Definitely See The Need And Value For This Type Of Clothing. The Support Provided For The Knees And Supporting Muscles, Tendons And Ligaments Feels Natural And Is Confidence Inspiring. I Will Be Recommending This Product To All My Patients With Arthritis, Those Recovering From Knee Injuries And For Those That Wanting A Little More Support And Warmth Around The Knees"

Dr. Ali Amiri - Chiropractic Medicine. Dc, Bsc

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