Men's & Women's Compression Gear

Bracelayer® knee stabilizing compression gear features an anti-bacterial StabiLuxe™/StabiLuxe+™ compression base and our unique knee support layer made from medical grade 1.5 mm or 2 mm perforated neoprene.

KX Collection: The original line of knee-stabilizing compression pants features a branded elastic waistband, an antibacterial StabiLuxe compression base, and a support layer that extends around the knees, hips, and lumbar area.

KS Collection: The KS line features supportive and luxurious Stabiluxe+ compression fabric bases and boasts comfortable drawstring waistbands, pockets to store your essentials, and discreet logos

Alpine Collection: Our thermal Alpine compression base layers come in both KX and KS styles and feature Bracelayer knee support layers for all your cold-weather adventures.