KX Collection

Beyond a base layer, the KX Collection will keep you feeling supported during any activity:

KX1: Perfect for the gym, outdoors, or worn as a base layer, the KX1 has a 1.5 mm knee support layer making it a versatile choice for any activity.

KX2: The original and most supportive knee stabilizing compression pant, the KX2 has a 2 mm knee support layer for maximum protection, stability, and balance. 

KXV: Our lightest and most breathable knee brace compression pant in our KX collection. 

KX2 Alpine: The original knee stabilizing compression pant – but warmer! The KX2 Alpine has all the support of the KX2, but with a StabiLuxe™ Thermal compression fabric base.

KXV Alpine: A top choice for the ski hill, the KXV Alpine boot cut thermal compression pant will help you ski longer and stronger.

KX2 RedlineDesigned for hockey players, the KX2 RedLine features an anti-bacterial StabiLuxe™ Lite base, a cup pouch, and velcro panels for hockey socks.

KXV Greenline: Go the extra mile with the KXV Greenline! Designed for cycling, the KXV has Bracelayer’s unique knee support layer and a built-in chamois seat pad.