How to Care for Your Bracelayer Compression Pants

How to Care for Your Bracelayer Compression Pants

Some of the questions we get asked the most often are: 

“How long do your compression pants last?”

“How durable are your compression pants?”

“How often do you need to wash your Bracelayer® pants?”

So today, we thought we would give you a detailed care guide and more information about the fabric our compression pants are constructed of.


The Innovative Tri-Tech Layer

A diagram of the Tri-Tech Layer, Bracelayer's knee support layer, unique technology to our pant designsBracelayer’s knee stabilizing compression pants contain a Tri-Tech layer around the knees, and in some designs, around the hips. The three materials in this layer are: the Stabiluxe™ compression fabric base, the medical grade, perforated neoprene layer, and the compression mesh layer. Each of these materials is essential to the unique structure and revolutionary performance of our pants. The thickness of the Tri-Tech support layer varies between pant designs, with the KS collection having a 1.5mm Tri-Tech layer and the KX collection having a 2mm one.

The Stabiluxe™ compression fabric requires a thorough explanation, unlike the compression mesh and neoprene layers. The neoprene that comprises the middle layer of our pants is very similar to the kind used in conventional compression knee sleeves. The difference is that unlike conventional knee sleeves, ours are built right into your pants, meaning they won’t fall down or need to be adjusted every few steps. They stay exactly where they’re supposed to for the ideal amount of compression and targeted support.

What is Stabiluxe™?

Our pants are constructed on a Stabiluxe™ synthetic fabric base, with varying weights and incorporated technologies. Depending on your activity and support needs, you will want to factor the fabric construction of the style of Bracelayer® compression pants you are purchasing into your decision. For example, the Stabiluxe™ fabric in any of our Alpine pants contains thermal temperature control technology. The fabric that our KS1 Vent pants are constructed on also contains temperature control technology, but it’s cooling fabric instead. Our KX1 and KX2 are made of the thickest Stabiluxe™ fabric for extra compression and support, whereas the KXV is constructed on Stabiluxe+™ fabric and are our most lightweight pant.

A common misconception about synthetic fabrics is that they are always bad – this is simply not true. In fact, Unsustainable Magazine, amongst many other sources, notes that both natural and synthetic fabrics have their pros and cons, and natural does not necessarily equal good or sustainable. Synthetic fabrics have a number of benefits and are essential to the construction of certain types of garments, and one of the types of garments is athletic gear. Synthetic fabrics, like our Stabiluxe™ compression base, are designed for high performance. They wick moisture, are resistant to debris, and are more durable when faced with extreme conditions. 

Conversely, a fabric like cotton will hold onto moisture, meaning every drop of sweat will sink into your clothing, causing smell and often stains. A fabric like cotton also won’t provide you with protection from the elements. Since it holds onto so much water, it takes an incredibly long time to dry, making it potentially a deadly choice in extreme cold temperatures. A standard cotton garment also won’t hold in your body heat in the way a synthetic fabric, like our Stabiluxe™ and Stabiluxe+™ thermal fabric, which is designed for that purpose, that will.

One of the other most important features of Stabiluxe™ material is that it is antibacterial. This means that not only will very little sweat or outside moisture seep into the fabric, but the sweat that remains won’t fester or grow in the material of your pants. You know the often invoked stench of smelly gym socks? That smell is caused by harmful bacteria build up in athletic gear. Yuck! But because of its antibacterial treatment, you won’t encounter that smell wafting from your Bracelayer® pants.

How often should you wash your Bracelayer pants? 

Just because the antibacterial treatment of our Stabiluxe™ fabric is designed to keep you odour-free and playing longer and stronger, that doesn’t mean you should never wash your Bracelayer® pants. 

Like any piece of clothing, the less you can wash it, the longer it will last. We know you train hard, and that’s why we made our pants so durable and antibacterial. Even with all the wear you get out of your pants, they shouldn’t need to be washed more than once every three or four uses. Though the fabric is resistant to any kind of debris, try spot-cleaning between washes if necessary to reduce the amount of machine washes your pants must endure.

When it is time to give your Bracelayer® pants a wash, make sure to wash in cold water and hang to dry. We do not recommend putting your Bracelayer® pants in the dryer. We also suggest using as little detergent and fabric softener as possible – don’t overdo it on the chemicals!

A graphic explaining how to wash compression pants. Bracelayer compression pants need to be washed infrequently in order to make the fabric last a long time.

There are a few reasons for these care tips:

  1. High heat causes the neoprene layer to break down and the anti-bacterial treatment of the Stabiluxe™ compression fabric to wash away. This means that you will actually be making your pants less effective the more often you wash them!
  2. Detergent and fabric softener contain a number of chemicals that interact with the fabric in many different ways. Fabric softener in particular will also break down the Stabiluxe™ and neoprene faster.
  3. In addition to the heat of the dryer causing the fabric to break down, the aggressive tumbling of the dryer weakens the fabric of your clothing as well. (It’s also more environmentally friendly to hang your clothes out to dry. Just a thought!)

How long will Bracelayer® pants last?

Our pants are designed to last for the long haul. If cared for properly, as suggested, we calculate that they should last about as long as a good pair of running shoes. However, the mileage on your long haul may still vary. Bracelayer® compression pants worn every day for 6 months will wear down a lot faster than a pair worn once a week for 6 months.

Much like how if you love your knees, they’ll love you back: if you love your Bracelayer® pants, they will love you back! Take good care of your pants and you will be surprised at just how long they will last you. 

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