The Best Knee Support for Cycling

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Though cycling is often considered a low-impact sport, especially for the knees, cyclists often report knee pain during their rides.

There’s a number of reasons why cyclists might experience knee pain, often chalked up to an improper fit with your bike, but the most common reason is overlooked. Knees are the largest joint in your body and support most of your body weight most of the time. Even if you’re a very small person, that’s a big load to carry. And the more active you are, the more susceptible you are to injury, and the strain you put on your knees.

Wearing some form of knee support for cycling, regardless of what stage of pain you’re at, is one of the best things you can do to care for your body. Whether you’re a new cyclist just experiencing your first ache or a seasoned rider pushing through decades of pain, it’s never too early or too late to give your knees extra support. You’ll likely save yourself from a more serious injury and more serious pain if you do.


With all the different kinds of support available now beyond knee braces and knee compression sleeves, like KT tape, patella braces, knee wraps, and more, it’s hard to know what the best knee support for cycling is. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by choices, checking out our blog post comparing the different types of knee support is a good place to start. But even with some guidance, it still might be hard to nail it down.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a specific kind of knee support tailored to cyclists? Good news: there is.

An infographic about Bracelayer's Greenline KXV compression pants for cycling with knee support for cycling.
A graphic showing the knee support for cycling that Bracelayer's Greenline KXV Compression Pant for Cycling.with a Diagram of the Tri-Tech Support Layer, which contains an antibacterial compression fabric base, a layer of medical grade, perforated neoprene, and compression mesh. The best knee support for cycling, knee support for cyclists, cyclist knee support, knee support cycling, cycling knee brace, knee brace for cyclists


Bracelayer’s KXV Greenline are compression pants with built in knee support designed just for cyclists. These unisex compression tights have a Tri-Tech support layer around the hips and knees for extra support and stability and a built-in chamois seat pad to keep you cushioned where you’re most tender. They also have vents just below the knee to keep you cool on long rides. Greenline’s design is sleek and understated with neon green logo on the elastic waistband, but reflective logos will keep you visible when weaving through traffic.

Compression wear has a number of benefits, most of which we have explored at length in other blog posts. Adding this one piece of gear to your cycling wardrobe will help give you balance and stability, support your knees over the long haul, and increase your endurance. All the support you need in one convenient pair of compression leggings that will stay in place, unlike compression sleeves and knee braces. No need to stop and re-adjust: just get on your bike and ride!


But don’t just take our word for it. Check out what other cyclists have to say about Bracelayer® pants.

  • "The Bracelayer biking pants are my favourite! After having 7 knee surgeries, the compression feels amazing and the padding on the backside is on point. Highly recommend!" - Lori L. 
  • "My old knees thank you. The extra support was just what they needed." - Andy
  • "I went mountain biking with these this weekend. My knees felt great and they gave me some protection on a few bails too!" - Alistair
  • "I have been out of the gym and away from the rink due to the CoVID situation, and recently started to cycle more. I had been wearing gym shorts and a t-shirt. As the weather began to cool, I decided to try a pair of the Greenline 3/4 cycling pants... I found the padding awkward at first, but over a couple uses it seemed to mold to my body and become more comfortable. I have worn the pants on both cool and warm days. I don't feel too hot on the warm days, and the extra comfort on the bike saddle has me refusing to go back to mere shorts. This is an excellent product." - Paul P.
  • "The Bracelayer cycling pant is awesome! Snug fit to keep your joints compressed. Love them - this is my second pair!" - Lori

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