Thermal Compression Pants

Elevate Your Cold-Weather Adventures with Bracelayer's Alpine Collection:

KX2 Alpine: Brave the cold with the KX2 Alpine compression ski base layer, our most supportive thermal base layer equipped with built-in knee and hip support made from a 2 mm layer of perforated neoprene.

KXV Alpine Boot Cut: Ski with confidence in the KXV Alpine Boot Cut. The 7/8 design and anti-bacterial thermal compression base makes them your perfect skiing companion.

KS1 Alpine: Tackle winter with the ideal blend of stability, functionality, and warmth. The KS1 Alpine is built on a luxurious StabiLuxe+™ Thermal compression base and features a drawstring waistband and pockets.

KS1 Alpine Boot Cut: Tailored for the slopes with boot cut design, these pants also feature a drawstring waistband, side pockets and Bracelayer knee support. The KS1 Alpine Boot Cut was made for long days on the ski hill.